Antonija.from Croatia.
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I also loove korean shows,
especially Running Man!
Yeah,and I love street
dance and Harry Potter. :3
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Idol to dork in a matter of moments

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MAMACITA Ver B Shindong photocard (cr.leysin_caux)

MAMACITA Ver B Shindong photocard (cr.leysin_caux)

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sungmin and shindong hiding from the mc… and then there’s hyukjae.

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Hello all kpop fan.

I know there are a lot of you who dont like Shindong and the main reason might be because of his comment about FAT girl .

I dont want to make excuses or change your idea about him. I just want to clear sth that you might not have noticed before and maybe this helps you to…

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I strongly encourage all of you to wear whatever the hell is going to make you feel good about yourself 

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"Shinhwa was the troublemakers of SM. No matter how much Lee Soo Man tried to get them to rehearse, they’d just gather and read comic books or play on their cellphones all day. When it was about time for Lee Soo Man to come and check up on them, they’d spray water on themselves and pretend as if they rehearsed really hard all day. Lee Soo Man would eventually find out and get really mad at them, threatening them to leave the company if they’re going to continue behaving like this. Other groups would’ve been scared and begged for another chance but Shinhwa started packing their bags, forcing Lee Soo Man to hold them back, saying he was joking"



- (source)

illest shit

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It’s very touching to read the member’s tweets about Shindong working hard and sacrificing his sleep for the group. I mean, the guy is basically doing what an entire team of stage professionals are supposed to be doing, he’s directing every aspect of this upcoming super show and I respect him greatly for that. When people think I Shindong they’re always reminded of his past mistakes and they fail to see the good things about him ! His dedication to the group and his talent in multiple aspects of entertainment, his amazing rapping, choreographing and dancing skills are never truly appreciated ! The past is the past and Shindong has learned his lesson so it’s time for the haters to move on as well and leave him alone. He’s an important part of SJ and will be very missed when he leaves for the military.
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Shindong doing the hand gesture for Kyuhyun coz Kyu couldn’t do it because of the mic

Shindong doing the hand gesture for Kyuhyun coz Kyu couldn’t do it because of the mic

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The real mamacita

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